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Welcome to Turtle Valley Maine Coon Cats.

We are a small cattery located in the Shuswap region of British Columbia, Canada.
We specialize in European Maine Coon cats.


Our Cattery

  • All of our beautiful, majestic mainecoon cats live in beautiful  immaculate homes  with a 52 feet long by 22 feet wide cattio filled with grass, catnip, climbing apparatus, tunnels, sun, shade, playhouses, picnic tables and chairs.
  • We are a closed cattery and do not offer stud service whatsoever. Our cats are our life and we will not be showing.We believe this is too stressful and chance of getting virus or sickness is too great. We are European only, not North American mainecoon.
  • We have been very careful in our selection of cats and have chosen our breeders from various countries in Europe including Russia ,Italy, England and Ukraine.
  • We trust you have done your research on the maine coon and are aware of their needs and lifestyle. **Please educate yourself if you have not done so.**
  • We are focusing our business on Western  Canada and want to provide Canadians with easier access to this majestic breed. Out of country inquiries are welcome,  but at this time, we are NOT shipping via air.
  • We do not like our cats to be alone and will not sell to “empty homes”.


  • Our kittens are well socialized with dogs, regular household noises (ie: vacuum) and the great outdoors.
  • Kittens are litter trained as soon as they can crawl out of their birthing home, usually at 3 wks old.
  • We are not open to the public, but once optioned a kitty, we welcome you to visit before making the next step of reserving a kitty.
  • Our kittens are kept until they are 12-16 wks old. All kittens sold as pets will be spayed/neutered BEFORE they leave for their forever homes.  A health guarantee, vaccinations, registration papers, parents HCM reports, and worming are up to date upon departure. price  1500.00$
  • All of our breeder cats are tested for genetic diseases .
  • Our cats are absolutely not allowed to roam free outside. They must be on leash or in an enclosed safe cattio.
  • We are a young cattery. All of our cats are young. Our breeder females and male have 2 1/4  years of growing and maturing to do yet.
  • “Option” – a kitten is held for a certain party for an agreed amount of time before it is available to the public for sale again.
  • “Reserved” – the kitten has a deposit of 300.00$ on it and is unavailable temporarily. Deposits may be refundable upon  certain circumstances. Please inquire for further information. Once a kitten is reserved it will not be allowed near visitors of our cattery for security, safety and protection of that kitten.
  • “Sold” – kitten is paid for.   1500.00 females  . males 1800.00     deposit included

Our Male

  • Our male, SILVER is a breathtaking black smoke from Moscow, RUSSIA  He loves people, dogs and cheek hugs. He is the son of Dreamcoon, Fidellio, a national grand champion of many awards.

Our Female

  • Our female, TACO is a gorgeous black/red  torbie from RUSSIA.  She is a fantastic mother, plays fetch and loves to be brushed and of course, is a water monster!! Taco has many ancient gene behaviors and tends to pass them to her kittens.

Our Female

* Our TEDDY BEAR is from Verona, ITALY  and is a blue. She is a big, big , girl with a huge fluffy coat and tail. She is a very sweet, playful, quiet girl.

Our Male

Walter is from Moscow, RUSSIA .He is absolutely breathtaking and will be a very large cat.  Walter is a red silver tabby and a  gentle,sweet giant.

our female

This is Calli-flower.  Calli has joined us from London, England.She is Teddybears twin sister originally from Italy.We are very pleased to be able to re-unite these 2 beautiful sisters again.

our princess

This is our  Turtlecoons  Pecania  nut.She is Hank and Palageias kitten from feb/2019.Pecania stays with us to join our future queens.